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Mongolian phrases
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Some elements of the Mongolian culture

Mongolia has an old musical tradition. Some traditional elements are throat-singing, the Morin Khuur (horse head fiddle) and other string instruments. Mongolian tunes are typically characterized by pentatonic harmonies and long end notes.

The Mongolian cuisine is primarily based on meat and dairy products. The most common meat is mutton, which is supplemented in the desert south by camel meat, in the northern mountains by beef -including yak. Dairy products are made from mare's milk (Airag), from cattle, yaks, and camels.

Mongolian dress has changed very little since the days of the great empire, because it is very well-adapted to the life conditions on the steppe and the daily activities of pastoral nomads. There have been, though, some changes in styles which distinguish modern Mongolian dress from the historic costume. The deel is the Monglian traditional garment. It is worn both on workdays and on special days. It is a loose, long gown cut in one piece with sleeves; it has a high collar and widely overlaps at the front. Mongolian deels always close on the wearer's right, and traditionally have five fastenings. Modern deels often have decoratively cut overflaps, small round necklines, and sometimes contain a Mandarin collar.

Source: Wikipedia


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